How the Ministry of Education USA manages their education system

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How does the ministry of education USA manage their education system? the main characteristic of education in the USA is the highlight of decentralization. Federal governments don’t have duties to control or provide education for the society. However, they support it completely even if the education is purposed for disabled people and minorities. The government also supports completely research and observation since it will improve the nation itself. Meanwhile, they provide the fund as well as access for the poor.

Purposes of Education in the USA

There are at least 5 main purposes of education in the USA. What are they? First of all, it is to reach the unity of diversity. As you know, the US is one of the most diverse countries in the world. It is based on the fact that many foreigners are coming every year and even if they want to be citizens there. Second, it is to develop them and realize practices of democracy. Yes, democracy is the main political system in the country.

Third, the education in the USA is also expected to help individual developments. Personally, each people need to develop and improve themselves for a better future. Sure, the country can get benefits from this matter. Fourth, the government also wants to improve the education system in order to fix the social condition in the country. Although the US is one of the most developed countries, many citizens are still under the line of poverty. Lastly, when all the purposes mentioned above are gained, it fastens the development of the country, in general.

Structures and Types of Education in the US

Despite those purposes, the minister of education in the country also provides some structures and types of education in the US. Each of the state prepares free education in 12 years starting from kindergarten to high schools. In the first pattern, a student needs to graduate when he or she is 17-18 years old. Besides, there is also an informal education system supported by private companies and institutions.

The Management of Education in the US

In the history of the US, education is under the responsibility of the state government and people in the area. But starting from 1872, the central government also plays important roles including providing areas to build schools. Meanwhile, in 1979, the federal education department was also established led by a leader with the same level of the cabinet’s secretary.


Best Small Business Ideas in 2019

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We are now living in a modern world where almost all of the people are self-employed. The idea of opening a business defeat the idea of working under someone or working in a company. No wonder if many young ones realize some of their cool small business ideas nowadays. Sure, working in a company can assure us a promising future with big money and stuff. However, the idea of having a flexible working time, freedom to work wherever we want, and expand our ideas, are the reason why many people choose to open their own businesses. If you think that only large businesses can give you more profits, you need to think twice. Small businesses can be as promising as the large ones if you know what to do and what to invest. Therefore, to help you with this, we will give you some ideas that might pique your interest.

Being handymen or handywomen

Opening or starting a business does not always come with a suit. The first cool small business idea that you can do first is by being handymen or handywomen. Of course, this business needs your skill in repair things. For your information, people who know their way to repair things in their own house are, let’s say, subsided. With that being said, they need other people to fix things in their house. This can be a huge chance for you. If you are quite confident in your repairing skills, then this small business will bring extra money to you. Build trust and promoting yourself will help you a lot.

Online Education

As we have stated before, we live in a modern world where people prefer convenient ways of life including education. This can open the door for you. Instead of teaching in a class, you can open an online education to those who are in need. You can help people who want to learn more even after they graduate from school. Either they want to learn new languages or courses to help them with their jobs, you can use this chance to bring extra money.


The concept of this business is the same as online education. The difference is that you are the one who teaches the students or as we usually call it as a tutor. The only business capitals that you need are your skills and your social media to promote this cool small business idea.